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Great style and illustration as always. Sad it was so short and the lack of a story was also missed.
Looking forward to more shorts!

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Adammass responds:

Thanks man, this was just a quick one, maybe a story will come out of it, not sure yet.

Twas very good :]

Esquirebob responds:

Aw thanks :D

wtf was that!? Whatever it was, I loved it!

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Interesting style and great flow! Planned on playing just one level and stayed for the whole thing!


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boring. :/ You need more gameplay other than just click on everything. If that is what you think people want to play you should try and take a step back and seriously play some games you enjoy. See what makes you happy about it. If its just a bunch of clicking than try to wrap it up in a flashier and nicer package. Everything looks so brown. I know grass comes later but honestly I don't even want to spend that much of my time. Hope this helps, I don't mean any offense - just hope you the best of luck and keep working at it!

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Great stuff as always :]

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Great song - your synth and guitar bits sounded really badass. I feel as though this was just dying for some serious bass! Your treble is nice but the bass is severely lacking. :/

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Respect :]

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This should be a shirt - An awesomely controversial shirt! XD

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